• Rotor diameters of 15” and 24”.
  • Size reduction of raw products.
  • Hard faced rotor hammers in single or double hook configurations.
  • Hard faced anvils in base pan and discharge head.
  • Hard faced pan and head for extended life
  • Orifice plate or disc style discharge controls product size.
  • Heavy steel plate construction for industrial applications.
  • Available in carbon or stainless steel, edible design optional.
  • Repairable services and replacement components for existing machines.
  • High capacity, positive displacement
  • Designed to transfer large/rough meat/bone materials for various applications.
  • Enclosed piping minimizes odors and reduces conventional maintenance costs
  • All moving parts are wear resistant and replaceable
  • Multiple inlet/outlet configurations available
  • Std. 30HP motor to gearbox drive system, sized per application of volume and distance
  • Capacity up to 3500 cu.ft./hr
  • Minimum transfer pipe diameter 10”



Motor to GearboxDirect Coupling

PreBreaker Motor to Drive Direct Coupling

IHI PrebreakerSide View

FPR15000 15in PRE-BREAKER (complete) #1-web

Rotor to GearboxDirect Coupling

PB-Gearbox to Rotor-Direct- Coupling

IHI PrebreakerInlet Top View


Hardfaced Diamond Welded Pan

Hardfaced Diamond Weld Pan

IHI PrebreakerDischarge View

FPR15000 15in PRE-BREAKER (complete) #2-web

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