Industrial Hardfacing offers customized solutions and equipment that make your
size reduction business more profitable and sustainable.

Industrial Hardfacing, Inc. rebuilds and manufactures many new parts for your Size Reduction equipment.


Industrial Hardfacing, Inc. rebuilds worn parts and offers new replacement parts for many different shredders.

Shredder blades are a known wear part that decreases the throughput and efficiency of any shredder. IHI has improved the original blade design by utilizing a wear resistant hard face weld on all cutting edges. The result is longer run times, less down time, and improved profits.

IHI inspects the returned blades to determine what the spacing and thickness will be after rebuilding. We also determine whether any of the blades are beyond rebuild. Blades are finished to very high tolerances to maximize their cutting efficiency. Blades can usually be rebuilt several times.


Industrial Hardfacing, Inc. rebuilds all makes and models of grinders for both the edibile and non-edible processes.

When time is of the essence, or your processes need modifications, look to Industrial Hardfacing, Inc. as your one stop shop for all your process equipment needs.

Repair & Rebuild ServicesEquipment can be Rebuilt to Original Factory Specifications or Your Specifications

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Replacement Parts Solutions that Fit Your Exact Needs – Parts, Maintenance, Rebuilds, Retrofits

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