Solutions that Fit Your Exact Needs – Parts, Maintenance, Rebuilds, RetrofitsReplacement Parts

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Brands We Service:

  • Anco-Eaglin
  • Anderson
  • Atlas-Stord
  • Dupps
  • French 
  • Haarslev
  • Krupp
  • Rosedown


Brands We Service:

  • Anco 
  • IHI Reitz Style Prebreakers 
  • Rietz Prebreakers and Extructors
  • Svaertek 
  • Dino
  • Weiler
  • Dupps

Replacement PartsTWIN SCREW PRESS

Brands We Service:

  • Atlas Stord
  • Haarslev
  • Vincent

Replacement PartsGRINDERS

Brands We Service:

  • Weiler (Grinders and Hydrolyzers)
  • Wolf King
  • Simo
  • Buffalo
  • InstaPro

Industrial Hardfacing, Inc. rebuilds all makes and models of grinders for both the edible and non-edible processes.

Replacement PartsSTORD COOKERS

Brands We Service:


Industrial Hardfacing, Inc. offers the replacement Rotor Ring for STORD Cookers. The Rotor Ring is a known cooker wear part that requires periodic replacement. IHI manufactures an improved design with an outer layer of wear resistant hard chrome to make the Rotor Ring last longer. This means an IHI Rotor Ring lasts longer resulting in decreased down time, reduced maintenance expense, and saves you money! When it comes to replacement parts for STORD Cookers, or any of your process equipment, contact IHI for competitive performance and cost options.

Replacement PartsSHREDDERS


Industrial Hardfacing, Inc. rebuilds worn parts and offers new replacement parts for many different shredders.
Shredder blades are a known wear part that decreases the throughput and efficiency of any shredder. IHI has improved the original blade design by utilizing a wear resistant hard face weld on all cutting edges. The result is longer run times, less down time, and improved profits.

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Solutions that Fit Your Exact Needs – Parts, Maintenance, Rebuilds, RetrofitsAdditional Services

Mechanical Screw PressAdditional Services

Cage Straightening and Line Boring

IHI has been very successful in straightening bent cages. In doing so, the cage frames are straightened, annealed, and then line bored and the side rails planed. This process returns the cages to their true and straight form to give you extended life out of your cages without the costly burden of buying new.

Shaft Straightening and Repair

During every shaft rebuild that IHI does for you, we give your bare shaft an extensive inspection. Before any work is performed, we alert you of what is needed to bring your bare shaft back to specs. This work is only performed upon your approval.

Complete Press Overhauls

IHI can take in your complete press and return it back to new, from the gear box to the choke and everything in between.

Size Reduction EquipmentAdditional Services

New Rotating Assemblies

IHI manufactures new spare rotating assemblies for your size reduction equipment.

Complete Unit Overhauls

IHI can bring in your complete size reduction unit, and rebuild it. With nearly 50 years in the Rendering, Packing, Vegetable Oil, Pet Food, and Recycling industries—if you have a problem, we have the answers.

Twin Screw PressAdditional Services

Industrial Hardfacing, Inc. manufactures new replacement parts and rebuilds all above referenced machines.

Field Service available upon request.

Stainless Steel cladding and/or wear resistant alloy optional.

1-800-247-7778 Toll Free USA001-641-784-6921 International | 1-641-784-6921 Within USA

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